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General Travel/Driving Information


Included in this section of the website are several links dealing with issues concerning traveling while performing TCU business. Click on the following topics for additional information.

  • Traveling to other countries - provides  emergency repatriation and other information concerning travel to foreign countries. Links to the State Department website for additional travel information.

  • Information for Students traveling abroad - links to the State Department website that provides specific information for students who may be traveling abroad for spring break, etc.

  • Updating your Driver's License - provides information on the requirements of the State of Texas concerning the process of updating your driver's license upon moving to the Fort Worth area. You have 90 days to submit changes.

  • MVR Checks at TCU - TCU checks the motor vehicle records of employees that drive or rent vehicles for TCU business. The program is summarized in this document

  • ABSO MVR Request Form - TCU request form to be sent to the TCU Risk Management department to request a current motor vehicle record in accordance to the MVR program.

  • Use of 15-passenger Vans - provides information on the TCU policy concerning the use of 15-passenger - and similar size/style - vehicles (.pdf file format).

  • Student driver application form - TCU's internal form for obtaining information on a students driving record prior to using vehicles for university business. This form should be completed and filed in the associated department's records. This is a .pdf form. Fill in the blanks, save to file, and print.

  • Rental Car Information - provides guidance on the type of insurance from a rental car company that needs to be added or rejected at the time of rental.

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