Texas Christian University

Emergency Procedures and the

Emergency Floor Officer (EFO) Program

An emergency is any situation - actual or imminent - that endangers the safety and lives of TCU students, staff or the security of TCU property.

The links below are intended to be used as a quick reference during an emergency.  They provide a brief summary and overview of procedures established in mitigating losses and injuries.


Natural Disaster


Medical Emergency

Menacing Person/Weapons Threat

Dealing with a Bomb Threat

Chemical Spill

Kidnapping/Hostage Situation


Dealing with the Media

Death/Injury Affecting an Employee  

Death/Injury Affecting a Student 

Harassing Phone Calls

University Closings

Utility Failures

Campus Readiness


The Emergency Floor Officer (EFO) program has been established to assist the campus population in emergencies by providing information and assistance in evacuating facilities. To support the EFO program the following webpage has been provided:

EFO Homepage


Know What to Do

Risk Management Homepage